About Us

WE ARE M S Technologies Ltd

Founded in 1986 by the late Mario Staniscia, MS Technologies is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of Egg washing and sanitation equipment.

Mario learned about poultry hygiene at a local turkey farm whilst studying for his engineering degree, which in turn, led him to develop his own egg washing equipment.

This equipment is now sold to major egg producers in the UK and world-wide, making machines for all types of eggs and all sizes of operation. Today the machines are still all made by hand to order.

Mario worked with one of the leading chemical manufacturers to develop two disinfectants for use specifically, with MST sanitisers.

Tested and approved by several Universities these disinfectants have been found to reduce significant bacteria on the egg surface.

Later he went on to develop an ultrasonic fogging machine, the Drysan, that generates a dry mist that fills a room in minutes and is proved to be a safe and effective alternative to conventional fumigation.

Today the company is run by Mario’s Wife who is supported by the works Manager and the production team.