Chemical Range

Chlorwash concentrate


A chlorine based detergent powder for use in the wash section of all MST machines, highly effective in removing debris and micro-organisms from the shell of the egg.  Chlorwash  also provides initial process of sanitation.  Chlorwash is easy to use and store packed in 20kg tubs.  20kg is sufficient to process about 400,000 eggs.



A Quaternary ammonia based product for use as the final sanitation in the process. quat-800 is easy to use and store.  it comes in 4.4 gallon/20ltr packs sufficient to sanitise about 1.5 million eggs. 



This is used to control, where necessary, excessive foam in the wash section.  Defoamer is packed in 1.75 pint/1 ltr or 5.5 gallon/25 ltr plastic bottles.



Cuticle Blue

Cuticle sensitive solution for quick testing of cuticle and shell structure.  Packed in 1.75 pint/1 ltr (1.000  tests) or 1.1 gallon/5 ltr (5,000 tests) plastic bottles.



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