Egg Washing

Egg Washing Products

Bambino Range

The smaller range of egg washers, which can be table top or with a stand.

Models can process from 200 to 3,000 eggs per hour loose (un-trayed)

Sideliner Range

This range of egg washers can process eggs up to 12,000 chicken eggs per hour.  They are designed to stand alongside a main conveyor to wash the dirty eggs and  feed the cleaned eggs back onto the that conveyor.  They can also be incorporated into the conveyor line to clean all eggs.

Gladiator Range

The GLADIATOR is designed to process large volumes of commercial/table eggs without any damage to the structure of the egg and at the same time reduce to an absolute minimum both microbial counts and surface contamination.  This range can clean up to 120,600 eggs per hour

Master Range

This range provides bio-security for breeder eggs.  They are designed to clean and sanitise as a separate process and can clean from 3,000 to 20,000 eggs per hour on plastic trays

Series three range

This is the larger machine for higher production throughput.  Models are designed to clean, rinse and sanitise as separate processes between 4,000 and 48,000 eggs per hour on plastic trays.

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