Gladiator Range

Gladiator range

The GLADIATOR is designed to process large volumes of commercial/table eggs without any damage to the structure of the egg and at the same time reduce to an absolute minimum both microbial counts and surface contamination.

The GLADIATOR is easy to fit in-line between a gathering belt and a grader/packer.

(Smaller volumes – Refer to SIDE LINER)

Standard Features

5000 controls
Chemical dosing tank
Wash / Rinse / Drying
‘ON’ Accumulator
Drying system uses combined
Infra – red heat lamps and air.
Variable speed conveyor with a
Maximum speed of 4.25m/min
Fume extraction canopy

Gladiator 6          –              Up to 28,800 eggs/80 cases/hour
Gladiator 12       –              Up to 57,600 eggs/160 cases/hour
Gladiator 18       –              Up to 86,400 eggs/240 cases/hour
Gladiator 21       –              Up to 120,600 eggs/335 cases/hour

All GLADIATORS are stainless steel main fabrications. Only the ‘6’ model has optional Chemical resistant PVC or stainless steel.

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