Sideliner Range

Sideliners range

The Sideliner range is designed to stand
alongside main conveyor lines to clean dirty eggs for feeding back onto the
main conveyor, or incorporating into the conveyor line to clean all eggs.

All models in this range are supplied complete
with stand, wash and rinse section, chemical header tank and dryers.

All models can be supplied in a 180 degree belt
turn which can reduce floor space requirement for these machines by 50%.


Rollers systems to replace stand belt system.
Duel speed control.
Auto wash fill valve plus 40 litre/7 gallon
header tank.

“ON” feed tray for 30 egg vacuum
transfer, and extended “OFF” tray for manual off- loading.

Sideliner I            Up to 2,000 chicken eggs per hour
Sideliner II           Up to 4,000 chicken eggs per hour
Sideliner III          Up to 6,000 chicken eggs per hour
       Sideliner IV          Up to 12,000 chicken eggs per hour     



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