Super and Super II Range

The Super can wash 700-1,400 chicken eggs per hour, 1,200 duck eggs per hour and 3,000 game bird eggs per hour.  the Super can also be made in the 180 degree format.

The Super II can wash up to 3,000 chicken or duck eggs per hour.  

All machines in this range are designed for manual loading and unloading of eggs, however, the Super and Super II models have “in” trays to allow loading with 30 egg size trays.  a right angle “off” tray leading to a conveyor belt can be supplied as an optional extra.

length:                  92cm/36 inches
width:                   70cm/28 inches
height:                  50cm/20 inches

Power Requirements:
E.U.                        220-240v/50hz/25 amp
U.S.A.                    ac208v/60hz/25 amp

Wash tank volume          45 litre/ 10 gallons
Number of nozzles         
Number of heaters         1 x 3 kw
Number of pumps           1 x super

Mobile stand                                                                     Blow drying
Header tank fill                                                                 14 inch egg on gravity feed
Pressure reduction valve                                                90 degree “off” tray
Grader option
180 format



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