safe egg room sanitisers and humidifiers to replace formalin fumigation

The drysan range

The MST Drysan uses ultrasonics to generate a dry mist that fills a room in minutes and is proved to be a safe and effective alternative to conventional fumigation.  PH friendly chemicals are used to disinfect nest clean eggs and provide excellent reduction in total viable count of egg surface bacteria.

The range is also portable enabling it to be used in holding rooms.  Eggs can therefore be disinfected straight after collection which provides improved bio-security.

9 x 1 30 M3  In 40 min

9 x 2 60 M3  In 30 min

9 x 3 180 M3  In 30 min

9 x 6 360 M3  In 30 min

9 x 10 500 M3  In 30 min

All machines are supplied with a spare set of discs

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